Saturday, August 3, 2013

P. C. Fair

Wednesday was day one of the ten day Putnam County Fair.

I will be working in the Women's Building taking in and displaying entries for competition.  I will be entering my Easy Street, Welcome Basket Wall Hanging as well as some photographs, and Matthew will enter his Puppy Quilt.)

Janice, Merry and I in 2012

In years past, FCE clubs ran the Country Store to raise money to fund our charitable activities in the community (school supplies, backpacks for children of Vets, backpacks of food for disadvantaged kids to have something to eat on weekends).  

Regulations imposed and liability issues faced by UT in the unlikely event of food poisoning,  make it impossible for us to sell foods that are not prepared in a certified kitchen.  It is a time-consuming proposition for our members to individually go through the inspection and certification process in order to bake at home and bring some items to sell.  So, the decision was made to give up the Country Store as our fundraising project.  

However, there will still be a Country Store this year.  Some ladies in the community (some of whom are FCE members) got permission from the Fair Board, and they will be running the Country Store for profit instead. They aren't worried about certified kitchens or liability.  I  may bake a few cakes and pies to sell... just for the fun of it... or, I may not.  I may just enjoy my grandson this year and have fun at the fair instead of working all those hours!

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  1. Enjoying the fair sounds like a great plan! DGS will love being there with you.