Saturday, May 10, 2014

Garden update

After much digging and cutting out some HUGE tree roots the Easter azaleas are finally planted.

The garden is mostly weeded at this point.  Hubby will get the tiller going this weekend and we will be ready to plant the tomatoes, squash and beans in-between all the berries.   

The strawberry plants were in rows last year... you can hardly tell to look at them now.  We dug up some plants for my daughter to plant in her garden.
The raspberries (red and black) and the Blackberries are coming back strong too.

The snow peas I planted with the grandson are about a foot high now.  I'm not sure if they will produce anything to harvest now that the warmer weather is here.  I will have to try planting again in August or September and hope to get a crop in the cooler weather before the frost.

It's hard to believe we started with just 4 Black Eyed Susan plants 2 or 3 years ago.  Now we are over run with them!  They have taken over the backyard garden and have overfilled the front walk garden.  I have resorted to selling some on LSN this year to try and thin them out.

The iris are coming up strong and blooming nicely now too.