Monday, May 20, 2013

More Water Troubles

Two ago, we were forced to replace the waterline from the road to the house.  A very high meter reading told us we had a leak, but we had no visible signs of water anywhere!  Turns out, the leak was under the concrete slab and the water was draining into the ground under the house.    We located a plumber who dug up the front lawn and ran a new line and connection into the house, capping off the old line. Thankfully, that took care of the problem and our water bills went back to normal.

Three weeks ago I was out mowing the front lawn and and stepped into a big mushy puddle out near the meter.  UGH!  I called the water department, and sure enough, there was a leak... this time on the City's side of the meter and they would make the repair at no cost to us.  Since then, we have had day after day after day of rain until, finally, it was dry enough today for them to do the work.

Imagine my surprise when I returned from walking Toby to find them digging a hole across the street!  Turns out, the leak was under the road somewhere and they had to replace the section that runs under the road between my house and the neighbors.

They eventually got around to digging up my front lawn also.

They tied a rope and the new line to the broken line and used the digging shovel to pull the new line under the road and up on our side.

When they had everything hooked up and running again, they did "repair" my front lawn... but i fear it will never be the same again!