Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hope Banner

Several years ago, retired members of a local church realized that there was a need for a safe and supervised environment for post-high school students with disabilities.  These former teachers, nurses and businessmen gathered together, and with funding from their parish, formed Hope Academy.  Every Wednesday during the school year these 20-something individuals, with a variety of disabilities, gather together for a day of fun activities, crafts, games and meals.  This also provided a much needed break for parents of these special young adults.

The program began in a small house behind the church with four students, two volunteers (retired teacher and a nurse) with at one parent required to take a turn to attend each week to help.  This year we expanded to 6 students and added two more permanent adult volunteer and moved into the large activity room in the church basement.

We wanted to decorate the bare walls of the room with something that the kids could make.  The decision was made to make a banner to hang on the back wall of the meeting room.  I spent the first half of the school year working with each child, parent, and volunteer choosing, fusing and blanket-stitching applique blocks. 


Ashley E
Ashley W










I am playing with the layout and sashing right now.  
The two original "teachers" are in the top row on the left.  
The two new "teachers" joined us this year will be on the right.  
There are six current students in the second row.
The third and fourth rows are parents.

There are two blocks still being worked on by teacher/parent and I still need to cut cornerstones and applique "Hope Academy" on the blue panel in the top middle.  But I am finally making visible progress on this project!