Saturday, June 18, 2016

2016 Canada... Wednesday-Friday

Wednesday morning is another beautiful day and after breakfast I load up the car.  A quick lesson on how to make a phone call with Stan's iPhone, written directions in hand, GPS plugged in and programmed and I head out for the 2.5 hour ride to Ottowa where I am to meet Judy at an Ikea.

We located each other with the help of our cell phones (how did we ever live without them)  and had a salmon dinner at the Ikea cafe before she led the way through Ottowa, past the construction and detours, to her home.

We set up my table and Featherweight sewing machinein her living room where I worked on cutting and piecing my yellow/gray Turning Twenty Again and she worked on her HQSixteen Quilter quilting her Paddington Bear quilt to be gifted to a lucky nephew.


We chatted and laughed, quilted and sewed, cooked and dined.  We walked around her neighborhood for exercise and a great long-distance view of Ottowa. 

Weather predictions called for severe storms Thursday afternoon/evening so I stayed an extra night.  After dinner and no sign of the predicted storms, she drove me into Ottowa for a night-time tour of the city.  The parliment buildings which reminded me of European churches... complete with a clock tower similar to Big Ben!

After breakfast Friday morning we loaded up my van and said our farewells.  She led me back through the city to the 417 ramp near Ikea and I was on my way back to Seeleys Bay.  But I somehow turned a 2.5 hr drive into a 5 hr scenic drive through the Canadian countryside!! 
I some how missed the exit for 416... stayed on 417 ... forever.
When it turned into a 4 middle divider... I started wondering...
When it turned into a 2 lane road and I saw signs for 17 not 417... I knew I was in trouble!

The GPS never made a sound until I hit the 2 lane.. then it wanted me to do a u-turn. I found a turnaround and drove back 30 miles before finding a gas station.
I told the attendent I was lost, but heading to Seeleys Bay.... She never heard of it! Oh OH!   A customer overheard our conversation and I ask her  "Kingston?"
The customer says, "oh yeah..your a bit out of the way".  So he pointed me back toward Ottowa...87 miles away!

Another bit down the road GPS finally pipes up and wants me to turn onto 7...and I remember there were other routes that were shorter than 416-401.. so i took a chance that she was right and followed her directions... 7 then 15.  I seemed to be driving forever so I stopped for gas because I wasn't sure how much further I had to go.  I finally made it to the lodge about 3:45. It was a beautiful day for a drive through the countryside, but I am glad to be here!

Judy Reid is a generous hostess and fun to be with. I only hope that she will come visit me in TN some day and that I can return the favor.