Monday, August 13, 2012

On The Way Home, But First.... Part 1 quilts

Classes were done, cars were packed and I had a long drive home... but this was going to be a two-part drive.  Leaving Williamsburg around 6pm and driving 600+ miles straight through would have me arriving home in the wee hours.  After 4 days of sewing and late nights I was tired and found a room to lay my head after about 200 miles.  The next morning was dreary, but I had another 400+ miles to go to get home. I was heading into storms and heavy rain driving through the mountains of southern Virginia.  So, when it was time for a break I looked for an interesting place to stop.  I discovered a pair of antique malls with hundreds of vendors each and pulled over to explore. I am also searching for a Featherweight.  I have been wanting one for a while, and Mom recently expressed interest in owning one also,  but haven't had any luck finding one yet.  Both malls were filled with a vast array of  quilts and tops, most hand stitched, in a variety of patterns and fabrics, and a several sewing machines (but alas, no featherweight) .  There were many interesting-to-me  and unique items, remaining relics of days gone by,  but they will be for tomorrow's post...except for just this one:

A real feed sack!  I've seen the fabrics before, but never an actual sack.  I can only imagine how excited women would be to go to the grain store with their husbands in search of just the right sack fabric for their project! LOL!

log cabin
red baskets on white

9 patch

Grandmothers Flower Garden

large 9patch
quarter fan

feedsack squares

I thought this one was quite unique and intriguing.  I'm thinking it might be some kind of wedding ring variation, but I cannot figure how it was put together.


simple red and white

Pieced baskets

look at the quilted in flower on these baskets!

dresden plate

I loved the blend of grays and magentas and reds in this string quilt!

feedsack stars

9patch on point

I love how the maker put most of the lighter churndash blocks in the middle and bordered them with the darker blocks.  I think she may have switched the blocks on the bottom left.. see how the lighter one is in the border.

lone star

Pieced baskets


I still have my doll just like this one!

dresden plate pillow

one-eyed quilted bear