Sunday, November 11, 2012

Miss Fabulous

This awesome young lady is Madison Hill.  She is a high school senior who loves to compete in the different pageants offered in the area.  Two years ago she looked around and realized that girls with disabilities did not have the opportunity to experience the thrill of pageantry and decided to do something about it.  Last year she organized and held the "Miss Fabulous Pageant"  for ladies, young and old.   Cosmetology students helped with hair and makeup.  Students dug into the back of their closets and donated dresses they would no longer wear and dresses were donated from local shops so that everyone who wanted could participate.  I missed it last year, but that's not surprising....I have a son.

Well, this year the pageant expanded to include gentlemen escorts! That pinged my radar!

CBT the local tuxedo rental shop donated the use of tux's for the event and the guys looked very handsome!
Mary Kay representative Donna Sherrill helped with the girls make-up.  First National Bank representatives (sorry I didn't get their names) took pictures and printed pictures of every contestant to take home a memory.  Many individuals donated time and energy  and numerous business donated various items for gift bags.    Awesome Eagle... the Tennessee Tech mascot joined the festivities also!

Blake being escorted across the stage by Awesome Eagle

There were some 40-50 contestants... male and female... and for several hours on a Saturday afternoon got a chance at their "15 minutes of fame"....  Channel 2 news Nashville sent a cameraman to film the event and interview Madison.

A local church was hosting a youth retreat and came with signs and cheering voices to fill the auditorium.

I don't have time to edit all the pictures now as I'm getting ready for Santa's Workshop next weekend and it's crunch time getting customer's Christmas quilts done.  But go on over to my facebook page and if you tilt your head one way or another you can see lots special  beautiful people with happy faces.

Matthew needed no help from Awesome Eagle to dance his way across the stage!