Monday, January 9, 2017

silly things...

Silly things, like a job, housework, cooking... are getting in my way of completion for the moment. 

I had to stop midway through Step 7 parts assembly because hubby came down looking for food. 

I'll give him credit... he did say he would go grab some KFC for dinner... but I nixed that as we had it earlier in the week and I want to get back to eating healthier now that the holidays are over.

So I was very good and walked away from the studio and into the kitchen....

30 min later... voila!  dinner!

Dinner interrupted my mojo and that was all I got done for the day.

This morning after running around picking stuff up... I put my maid to work.... my roomba did all the vaccuming... while I work on stripping beds, washing laundry, loading dishwasher, paying bills and generally putting stuff life in the fast lane.