Thursday, March 2, 2017

That was exciting!

Yesterday started out gray as I rushed out the door at 7:15 to get to my grandson's elementary school to teach this month's art class on Rembrandt.  It was darker by the time I got to school (hmmmm?) to begin preparing the classroom with the other volunteers.    

At 8am we looked at each other as we realized the  tornado sirens were blaring!....; followed soon after with annoucement by the principal over the PA system that everyone needed to get to their safe place.  Quickly and quietly (mostly) students and teachers (and volunteers/guests like me) ducked into brick fortified workrooms, closets and restrooms.... teachers grabbed walkie talkies and emergency bags.  I ducked into the nearest workroom and we waited.  Attendance was taken to be sure all students were accounted for and info relayed to the principal.... and we stood waiting for the all clear. We could hear the heavy rains/wind pounding on the roof. The kids were great!  Teachers distracted them by reading books and testing math skills with flash cards from their emergency bags.  

There were two waves of storms blowing through with about 10 minutes between.  Designated  staff patrolled the hallways and checked in on the hiding groups during the break.   It was during that 10 min break I was allowed to go down to the 2nd grade hall and check on my grandson.  His class of 18 students were squeezed into a 4x4 restroom... talk about sardines!  The substitute teacher opened the door for some air and read to them after the first and worst wave went through...but they weren't allowed to leave the room.  They were hot and sweaty in close quarters... and what made things worse is that today was pajama day and most of them had on the favorite flannels! Cheers could be heard throughout the school when the all clear was given and the school day could begin.

After class I walked out the front door on the way to my car and saw this across the street....

A large tree had uprooted and tipped over onto the house across the street.   The electric company (?) was already there cleaning up.

I didn't see any other damage on the way home.  I heard there is some damage, fallen trees and such around the county, but no loss of life.  So I am very happy!

and speaking of happy!   Toby was sooo glad to see me.  I am sure he was hunkered down in house tucked up against the corner by the back door throughout the storms... but he was wild when I got home.  I could barely open the back gate and he was out and into the garage and ready to hide in the house.  I opened the door and he went strait to his corner in the basement and curled up.  I turned on the light and the music and he rested quietly all afternoon.