Saturday, July 21, 2012


After our Abex reunion, since we were already more than half-way there, we planned to head for the Jersey Shore for a mini-vacation.  Back when I worked in the Mahwah plant the guys convinced me and another secretary to join them on a blue fishing expedition.  I downed a box of drammamine for the experience but had a great time.  This time I didn't go out on the boat, but the kids and hubby did and had a blast.  The boat.. the Norma K left the dock at 7pm and drove out 20 miles before dropping anchor.  Most on the boat caught 5 fish before the storm blew in and broke off one of the anchors.   My guys came prepared with rain gear and kept fishing until it was time to head in a bit early, but many wore just t-shirts and shorts and got soaked.  There were some queasy stomachs, but all had fun.

on the way out to sea!

A good catch!

The next morning I met up with an online quilting friend and spent the day antiquing and hanging out before a nice seafood dinner.

Seafood dinner with Sharon.... SLOANIE MEET UP
 My gang spent the morning getting their land legs back and stomachs settled before heading to the beach.  The water was still pretty rough and the undertow strong.  They had to be careful not to get knocked down or dragged out.

 Too soon it was time to start back to Tennessee.  But first a stop in Maryland to see my in-laws and their backyard visitors!
Visiting Nanny Goat and mama cat with 10 kittens!

And of course, no visit to Maryland would be complete with out a crab dinner.... and some to take home!

We, of course, ran into some accidents and road construction causing delays!

This jam was  on the beltway... an accident tying up the two left lanes just after the road narrowed down to three lanes!

We passed a few quilt barns along the way.... but hubby was not stopping for pictures saying the ride was long enough!
I managed to capture this one during one of our many traffic delays
We also ran into some much needed rain. 
I was driving so couldn't take pictures of the rain, but this couple on the motorcyle that I took last year when Mom was driving show you the type of rain I was driving in.  UGH!  Glad they had their rain gear on!

Apparently we had rain at home too.  The grass and garden are green again and here are just some of the tomatoes I picked last night.  I'll be busy canning today!.