Saturday, February 13, 2016


Globetrotting is now bound and hanging on my living room wall.
This was a 2014 BOM designed by Pat Sloan that had been pieced and waiting its turn to be quilted.  Snowmagedden enabled me to catch up on customer work and gave me an opportunity to complete some of my projects.  :)

Earlier in the year I joined a postage stamp swap... unfortunately I didn't understand all the details until the last minute. We were to cut sets of 25 different 1.5in squares.  No problem!  right!? I cut up some left-over chunks of fabric from two recent projects and packaged 12 identical sets (one set for each registered member) then emailed to confirm. Well it turns out that a set consists of 25 identical pkgs of 25 different squares! Ooops.  I had to go digging into the smaller scraps to complete all the sets, but I made it!  Here's a picture of the first 12 when I thought I was done... I neglected to take a picture of the whole set of 25 packages as I was in a hurry to make it to the post office.

I've begun work on a wedding quilt for my husband's niece who will be getting married in August.  She chose Trip Around the World for a pattern and I chose these fabrics based upon her color preference.  (Yes, some of these fabrics were used for the swap above... I bought lots of extra for another project I want to do later.)  The pattern is for a twin bed calling for 8 fabrics.  I'm guessing and hoping that these 12 fabrics will enlarge it enough to work for the queen size bed they will be sharing.

We haven't had a lot of snow since Snowmagedden last month, but several smaller storms bringing from a dusting to 3inches of snow have kept schools closed for the past week... and I have been entertaining my grandson all week.  We colored, we played with cars and lincoln logs, we read books and worked a reading program online.  But I also needed to sew... so I convinced him to try making a pillow cover from some FQs he chose on our last shopping trip while I treadled away on a project.  I drew a line on the fabric and sat him down with a needle and thread... putting it in an embroidery hoop for easier handling.  He worked for about 2 hours!  But then he wanted to sew faster on my treadle.  He couldn't reach the peddle and sew too so he stood there and guided the fabric and I treadled for him.  Success!

I walked out to the mailbox Thursday to find a package from Quiltville!!!???  I didn't remember ordering anything from her recently.  Looking closer I realized it was addressed to hubby.  He doesn't quilt so I knew it was for me.  I waited VERY patiently until he arrived home from work and handed it to him.   Happy Valentine's Day he says :)  I apparently had talked about it and he went searching and ordered it for me!  :)  And yesterday he came home with a dozen red roses!  He's a keeper!