Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August Happenings

My daughters new used car broke down two days after driving it off the lot.  She bought the car "as is" and was shocked when the dealer wouldn't do anything about it.  After a lot of tears and whining and phone calls back and forth with the dealer, they finally agreed to look at it and 10 days later it is finally in working order... there was something wrong with the computer chip in the key!  While all the car drama was going on I was called on to be Mom's taxi service, shuffling her to and from work.  Also, my oldest grandson's time at daycare ended and Pre-K schooling began.  The first two weeks of Pre-K are only part-time classes... so I have been picking him up and keeping him busy in the afternoons until her workday was done, then picking her up and taking them both home.

Of course, this all happens as the county fair opened!  I worked with some of the FCE ladies receiving entries for the Women's Building competition and display.  I was able to gather and enter a couple of my own entries too! 

Easy Street won a blue ribbon in the machine piece/quilted category
Welcome Basket Sampler won a blue ribbon in the wall hanging category
Lucky Charms won a red ribbon in the applique category
Matthew's Puppy Quilt won a red ribbon in the embroidered quilt category... and....

I also won a blue ribbon in the "Farm Life" category for a picture of my grandson after picking a basket of berries!

We took him to the last day of the fair and he really enjoyed all the rides..each of them.... several times!  We had to stop and get some cotton candy before heading home!


  1. Congratulations on all your wins! I love the little welcome quilt. The flowers and leaves are definitely welcoming!

  2. Wow your Easy Street is beautiful and congratulations on the ribbon for it!