Saturday, February 9, 2013

Progress Report

I started this afghan three years ago as a tv watching - keep my hands busy project.  I love the teal color and haven't seen a yarn this color before (the picture doesn't do it justice).  The pattern is called King Charles Brocade.
I did two rows of double crochet around the edge... couldn't remember how to do the scalloped edging that I normally have done in the past. (sigh)

I added an additonal border to my Basket Sampler Wall Hanging to make it better fit my wall.  I'm in the process of blanket stitching the wording.... one step closer to a finish!

I spent most of yesterday cleaning up and organizing my sewing room.  I can now see my cutting table top!  I have now formed a plan for borders for my Easy Street quilt (with help from my online friend Cindy and EQ7).  

One block complete.... 115 to go!

This was a groundbreaking week for my daughter and grandson as they began work on their first new home.