Saturday, May 7, 2016

2016-05 garden happenings

Early in April we had to cover the strawberry patch with cheese cloth to protect it from last frosts.  Now it is, hopefully, protecting the berries from birds.  We've already picked several quarts of tasty, juicey berries!   YUM

This is my garden... where the tree root used to be.  I've got 3 rose bushes and half rows of peas, kale, spinach and kohlrabi.  I've planted seeds in front of the roses for galardia and callendula.  I'm not sure what will come up there as Toby has decided that loose dirt is his playground and he has been digging in there.  If nothing comes up in the next week or two I'll have to run to the nursery and buy some plants.

Our grandson has his garden planted now too... lilliputt, medium and large zinnias, sunflowers and cosmos.  He is hoping to earn a ribbon again at the fair in August.

He has been very helpful planting and watering beans in the vegetable garden. He had wear his backpack fully loaded and armed to defend against anything that would dare hurt  his plants!