Monday, July 1, 2013


Some years before we moved here 10 years ago, the city came through, cut off the top of all the driveways in the neighborhood and installed sewer lines.  All has been well until the last couple years when we noticed the ground sinking across the front of the property. I've called several times and they just keep telling me that the ground is settling... nothing to worry about.  Last year it got so bad that the driveway started breaking on the right side.  We called to have the city come check out what is going on underneath and make the repair.  All they did was pave over the broken area and level things out.   

In the picture below you can see the patch line where they repaired and leveled it out last year. That worked fine for a while, but this spring, it is sinking even more,and the corner is now totally breaking apart. So we began getting estimates on repaving the entire driveway and arranged to have the city repair the top part.  Today they arrived bright and early!

 First Dustin used a saw to make a cut between the edge of the driveway and the road.

Next, Justin came in with the back hoe and lifted up all the pieces of the old blacktop...I was amazed watching him move small pieces into position then scooping them up and dropping them into the dump truck.

 Nate came next with a load of gravel to fill in the hole.

Then back to Justin with the backhoe.  He just smoothed out the pile of gravel then rolled over it to pack it down some.    

Justin added a couple more scoops to fill in the edges nicely. 

 And Nate finished it all off with the wacker...yes.. that's what that thing is called.. says so right on front! ... packing it all together and smoothing it level.
A few finishing touches with rake and we are done!

Now we have to wait for the pavers to come in with the blacktop and finish the driveway.