Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Backyard Visitor

We have an OLD apple tree in the back of the yard.  It produces apples, but they aren't fit for human consumption.   But the local wildlife really enjoy them

We see the squirrels moving around in the tree and then running off across the yard with apple in mouth.... but I haven't been able to get a picture of him too.

2016-07 Cabin on the Lake

We have traveled every summer to Cadiz KY for something like 10 years.  We rent a cabin on Lake Barkely. 

But this year... the week we chose back in January... happens to be the wettest year we've ever spent here.   I heard that we have had at least 3inches of rain per day. Wednesday night was 5 hours of thunder and lightning and heavy rains and no sleep (for me).  When it isn't raining, the humidity is off the charts!

The lake is very high... hubby had to move his boat twice to keep it close to the shoreline instead of in the middle of the lake.   The water is so muddy the fishing is terrible.

We each have found our own form of entertainment during the soggy afternoon/evenings... 

 Cayden and Matthew are taking turns watching their selected tv shows or movies on the portable DVD player.  Cayden brought along his model airplanes to assemble and paint.

Matthew has his coloring and wordsearch books to entertain himself while watching tv.

 Stan enjoys playing Risk on his iphone.  He even taught Cayden how to play and now must share his phone time.

I, of course, brought along my featherweight and worked on some projects and gifts.

When it wasn't raining we walked back and forth across the campground to the glass enclosed pool to swim, the game room for ping pong, and some soggy putt-putt golf.


The rains came in the afternoon/evenings most days and I was able to get out for my morning walk all but 1 day.  It just shy of 4 miles out to the the main road and back (8800 steps) and I earned the rest of my 12k steps per day walking around the campground for activities.

This morning, on my walk, I spied this.... and took a picture with my phone.  

And knowing that wasn't good enough, I got back to the cabin as quick as I could.  I grabbed my camera... and Cayden had just gotten up, so I grabbed him too and drove out to the spot hoping he would still be there....  Thank goodness for zoom lens!

On the way back to the cabin he informed that he lost his tooth during the night.  We found it and bagged it for the toothfairy.