Sunday, October 28, 2012

In the doghouse


See these two lovely angels!  They look so innocent now, but two weeks ago....grrrr!
BabyGirl spent the night in the yard with Toby (an outside dog) while my daughter took a trip to Knoxville with some friends.  I opened the door in the morning with their food bowls to two very excited puppies .....jumping up and down like kangaroos and barking their heads off.  They knocked me down ... hard.... into the carrying crate...  which now needs to be replaced.  I felt it, but got up and went about my life, not very happy or comfortable.

After several days and nights of aches and pains, waiting and  thinking it will get better, I finally gave up and went to the doctor.  It turns out I am very lucky!  I am one of about 10% of the population who can fall and end up throwing the pelvic bones in the direction they went (sigh) and I was lucky to not have herniated the disk at L4.  The disk is basically badly bruised, swollen and inflamed and putting pressure on the sciatic nerve... lovely!

So I have been taking it easy, doing necessary chores like cooking and laundry, and sewing in short spurts, but not accomplishing much.  Mostly just taking it easy.  Last night I finally was able to sleep through much of the night, so I'm getting close to back to normal again.  Follow-up appointment with the doctor tomorrow.