Saturday, August 18, 2012

On The Way Home Part 3...sewing machines

There were a variety of sewing machines available in the antique malls I browsed through.

 These hand crank toy sewing machines were made for the little girl who wanted to sew along with Mom.

 This was labeled as a hand crank toy sewing  machine also,  with a made by singer label, but I couldn't find any kind of model number on it.

This Junior Miss came complete with box and instruction book!

This is an old Edison Super De-Luxe Precision made in Japan. I love the label.. guaranteed by The Manufacturer and Authorized Dealers!  It had missing parts and frayed wiring and was covered in dust and cobwebs....EEEWWWW

I love the carved woodwork on this Singer table and the beautiful gold stenciling on the sewing machine.  At first look, I thought it was a treadle, but it came complete with a Radiante motor. It was probably worth every penny they were asking for, but I had to think real hard before walking away without this one. 

Here is another singer in much simpler table.

 These next items came home with me because I felt they were unique and interesting.

 I found this simple wooden box on a shelf and opened it up to find an assortment of attachments.  I have to take it to my Singer man and see if he can identify what any of it was used for.  Maybe I can use them with my treadle.  There is a carved stamp in the middle of the box top that reads "Patented February 13 1930"  I'm not positive about the year though. 


Here is a Free-Westinghouse .  This is definitely not the featherweight I was looking is very heavy! The current owner was there filling her booth with additional items and offered me a deep discount to take it off her hands. She plugged it in and showed me that it runs; the light has it's own separate plug.  It came with a box full of attachments that the owner had no idea what they were used for.  This machine is unique to me too because it has a Bullet Bobbin (see it on the lower left hand side of the box).  I've heard mention of one before... now I know what it looks like and this too must be taken to my Singer man to have him teach me how to use it!  I think that's a bobbin winder on the front right of the machine. I believe I need to add a belt from the big wheel on the right to a smaller one on the front to make it run.