Saturday, December 10, 2016

Denver and Pikes Peak

Early in November I made a last minute decision to fly out and see my daughter, Kelly.  She moved out there with Tyler last August and I decided to make the time to check out her  new digs before the bad weather came and I couldn't/wouldn't travel.

She met me at the airport and aquainted me with the lite-rail system on the way back to her apartment.

This is an areal view of her complex....That green triangle area is the "dog park" for pet owners.  The complex is right next to the lite-rail stop and very convenient for the 20-minute commute to her second job at a PotBelly Sandwich Shop in Downtown Denver.  Her main job is two blocks to the right of the picture where she is shift manager at a Papa Murphy's pizza shop. It's a quick walk through a shopping area (Kmart, grocery store, shops) ... and that area, as well as her complex, is patrolled round the clock by security guards... making it safe to walk home 9-10 pm after work.

Throughout our time together,  we walked a couple blocks over to Broadway and ate some meals at local pubs that I can't remember the name of.  One was Chezck.... food was similar to German and Polish and very good; the second was a seafood place, unremarkable;  and the third had great burgers, chicken and a large variety of beers on tap!

One day we rode the lite-rail downtown to her job.  While she worked, I spent some time window shopping;  walking or hopping on and off the free bus when got winded to get from place to place. I also went up to the Capitol, but it was under repair and surrounded with scaffolding... not picture worthy.  I went back and ordered lunch from her and then sat outside and watched her work.  I really enjoyed watching her... greeting customers, smiling, talking, wiping tables, etc.  She has grown into an amazing young women that I am proud to call my daughter.

I had several more hours before she was done working and decided to take the lite-rail to visit The Creative Needle Quilt Shop.  There was a 2 block walk to the bus stop then a 10 block ride up to Broadway.  I told the driver where I wanted to go and he told me where to get off.  Unfortunately, after he pulled away and I looked around, I realized that I needed to be 10 blocks farther down Broadway.  There were bus stops along the way, but the buses were all running in the other direction at the time... so I walked... and walked... and walked!  Normally, I walk 5 miles a day with Toby at home,  but the altitude out there makes breathing difficult if your not used to it... and drinking lots of water is important.  Not exactly sure why or how, but it helps you acclimate.

I took my time and making several stops along the way, and I walked the 10 blocks.  The ladies offered me a drink and a seat when I arrived, and I was very grateful!  Once I caught my breath I looked up and the first thing I saw... Bonnie's cards!

I'd already purchased mine from her web page, but it was nice to see them in the store.  I also found myself a few orange fat quarters and fat eights... something difficult to find at home.  Orange just isn't a popular color, but I want to make Bonnie's pumpkins for a Halloween wall hanging or table runner.
When I was done, the ladies told me I could take the bus all the way back to within a couple blocks of the apartment and didn't need to switch to the the light rail.  Kelly had finished working by then and walked over to meet me and we stopped for dinner along the way.

Thursday was our big day together as they both were not working.  I rented a car (theirs had just died) and we drove over to take the cog train up to Pikes Peak.  We got some pictures on the way up.....

But the views from the top were breathtaking!

The views were spectacular and the weather was perfect.   I recently bought a tablet and brought it along so Kelly could teach me how to use it.  One of the features it has, that my camera doesn't, is to take panoramic view pictures.  I was standing near the same spot as the picture on the left, when I took the picture below in panoramic mode... turning from left to right while the camera recorded...... look what it did to that straight rail track!

It was late afternoon  by the time we were down from the Peak and we had about an hour before sunset to see Garden of the Gods.  It is a free park of hiking trails and rock formations.  We had just enough time to drive around the perimeter and take a few pictures before dark.  I'm glad we did.  The next time I visit we will pack a picnic and lots of water and spend the day hiking (walking slowly) the trails.