Monday, December 3, 2012

Bonnie's Quilt's I've Made, Easy Street Progress

Over on the quiltville chat group someone asked how many Bonnie quilts have others made?  I am definitely not as prolific as ShirleyAnne is, but I am enjoying learning and creating.

I found Bonnie in 2010 and joined her Oklahoma Backgroads class in Pidgeon Forge.  I completed only 9 blocks and turned it into a wall hanging for my Mom.  I just didn't have enough scraps cut and ready to make this bigger... and I didn't have time to cut more.

I joined the chat group and learned more and my interest was peaked by the talk of using men's shirts in a quilt.  When the 2010 mystery... Roll Roll Cotton Boll came along I ran to Goodwill (and sent my SIL to her Goodwill store in MD) for neutral color shirts to make the string blocks and used yardage to complete the quilt.  I didn't actually begin work until almost March because I wanted to make sure I had all the necessary fabrics.   I finally completed it in September but had a difficult time sending it to my niece as a late wedding gift because I loved it so much!  But I had promised it to her and had kept her updated on my progress.  She was wonderfully patient, saying she wouldn't need it until the cold weather arrived so I should take my time! She also allowed me to keep it a bit longer and enter into the FCE quilt competiton (blue ribbon winner!) I was happy to hear how much she loved the results!  I do have extra yardage and shirts and have thought about making a second one for me!... maybe!  I have so many more I want to make.

Next up was Bonnie's Cheddar Challenge summer/fall 2011.  It took me some time to run around to several quilt shops in the area and a road trip to PA and I even had a friend pick some up for me on her road trip to find just the right cheddar to satisfy me.  By the time I got all the fabric together it was October and we were flying to CA to visit my sick uncle.  So, this became a take-along hand-sewing project.  I take it wherever I go and stitch on it a bit at a time.  Mine is much more planned than Bonnie's, and I'm only 1/4 done, but I love the progress I have made so far.

UPDATE:  7-16-2013  This project got put on hold when Easy Street came along.  

Next the 2011 mystery arrived....Orca Bay.  But once again I was very busy with family stuff last year at this time and didn't think about starting until mid January.  I changed the colors to purple and gold  (TN Tech colors) because both my girls were attending classes at the time.  They both dropped out by Spring and with no push to stay on task, I kept getting distracted with other stuff and have ended up relegating this project to Leader/Ender status. I'm about 1/4 way through step 4... the aqua string blocks.

August 2011 found me attending the Quiltmakers Block Party in Williamsburg, VA and taking all three of Bonnie's day-long classes!  These were fun-filled busy days and I have completed many parts and just a few blocks for each of these patterns

Winston Ways

Talkin' Turkey

Midnight Flight

 And as if I didn't have enough UFOs, when the local FCE club I belong to decided to host a Craft Day this summer, I volunteered to teach a quilt block class using Bonnie's Floribunda!  I kitted up 20 blocks, but had only one student.  So I have pieced all the four-patches and HSTs for 20 blocks and will put this quilt together soon.


And now, the 2012 Mystery... Easy Street has begun and I am working very hard to stay on target with these steps so as not to have yet another UFO.  With Step 1 complete and Step 2 well underway, I should be ready for Step 3 on Friday.
Step1four patches
Step 2.. flying geese