Monday, June 27, 2016

2016 Goodbye Old Friend


We've had a lot of good times together over the last 14 years.
The first being the move from VA to TN... and a whole new life.
Everyday around-town trips for shopping, church, taxi-ing kids and grandkids around.
Family vacation trips to KY, OH, FL, and IN.
Trips back home to PA and MD to visit family.
Quilting shows and retreats in VA and KY

But, the almost 3000 mile trip to Canada/Pennsylvania was your last.
The car doc said the repairs would be costly.

So we sent you to car heaven... trading you in for...


I love the wide-open view out your front window and large side mirrors.
Your fold-away seats will save my back from having to lift out 80+pound seats to make room to load up for travels.
We have a lot to learn with all your extras...   dvd player, gps, and all kinds of plugs for various electronics... but when we do,  Matthew and the grandkids will be happy on long road trips.

I look forward to travelling in the future together.