Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hope Academy Banner

It's finally complete!

I put the last stitches in and delivered the banner to class this morning!  Everyone is thrilled with the results!  and we have been asked to make a "formal" presentation to the church pastor during services after Easter.  It will be hung somewhere in the church as a reminder to parishioners of how much good their donations are doing!


Friday, March 22, 2013

New Legs

When I bought my new Nolting Funquilter back in 2010, in order cut expenses, I  purchased a perfectly good used table to mount it on. 

These old legs were leveled and height adjusted using that bolt and sliding up and down the slot.  There are no grooves to lock into to match all 4 legs to the same height.  Yes, we did  measure and draw our own lines to help.  The nut/bolt has to be loosened, slid up or down, and then tightened with no weight.  The problem is when the weight is put back on the leg even when tightened, can slip down a bit, especially over time...and not necessarily evenly slipping on all four legs!  Recognizing this, Nolting has made a few design changes and since Mike and/or his son Steve were going to be in the area (as in TN not GA or OH) this weekend they ordered the new style leveling legs for me.

The package arrived and Steve made the 2 hour drive from Marysville to do the install for me.

The problem.... the wrong legs were ordered/sent.  I need to have wheels on my legs so that I can move the frame to and from the wall depending on which side of the machine I am working on.  Unfortunately, my working space isn't big enough to center the machine in the room to be able walk around it, which is the more common set-up. 

So after some discussion and thought I made a mad dash to Lowes before they closed and purchased "moving men".  Those slider things that you put under furniture to make it easier to move heavy items around the room. 

So my new legs are now installed.  The machine is much more level (no rolling front to back or left to right when I let go!  I am much happier!  

The legs adjust height by just turning the legs left or right on those screw-grooved pegs.   I may still have to order the wheeled legs to give me just a bit more height, but I'll decide after working on her a bit. If I am working "half-cocked" or slightly bent forward it puts strain on my lower back and, well, ouch!   I'll be loading a practice quilt today and giving the new legs a try.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monsoon Monday!

After all that beautiful weather this weekend, Monday brought lots of rain!

The ditch across the front lawn from the water line repair was settling down and filling with water.

I sent Matthew out to rake the dirt into the ditch and hopefully level things off a bit more.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Saturday in the park...

It was a warm and gorgeous Saturday and we had the grandson again while Mom worked.  So after a vegetable finding trip to the farmers market and a quick lunch, it was off to the park.....

                                      feeding the ducks and geese in the lake

climbing up the monkey bars and down the slides!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Rummage Sale

Minimal sewing was accomplished last week. 

Instead, I was busy with our annual church rummage sale. Monday through Friday, we accept donations.  Several parishioners and members of the Daughters of Isabella worked together sorting, folding, arranging, and pricing all week long.  The doors close at noon on Friday.

Then the fun begins at 4pm when we open the doors to crowds waiting to get in and find a good deal!

There were plenty of deals to be had...

computer monitors, keyboards, printers 
golf clubs, balls, catchers mitt and protective gear
Christmas ornaments and decorations of all kinds
Kitchen gadgets, glassware, dishes, pots & pans
and lots and lots of clothing!  Tables full!

This year, we even had a mink coat!

This was another very successful event, raising some $2700 to fund various charitable activities of the parish.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Habitat Update

I am amazed at how quickly the visiting college students, with help from some local contractors, are assembling the house.

Two weeks ago, local contractors started with pouring the concrete base for the foundation and laying all but the last 3 rows of brick.

Last week, inspite of the snowy and rainy weather, the foundation was finished and 20 college students from Iowa were able to assemble the flooring

This week, 12 students from Indiana have raised the walls and the roof!

The front and side windows installed too!

 Today, the contractors put most of the shingles on the roof 

Next week, students from Pennsylvania are scheduled to finish installing the windows and doors and install the siding!  Electrical, plumbing and insulation contractors are scheduled too.  I am totally amazed at how quickly this is coming together!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Water troubles

Last Thursday, the city came around and read the meters (gas, electric, water) as usual.   Some time on Friday a supervisor came by and re-read the meters.  I came home late afternoon to find a "lovely" red tag on my doorknob informing me of high water usage... more than double our normal use!  UGH!

There was no water running in the house... and yet the meter was spinning away!  I turned the shutoff valve in the basement... and still the meter was spinning! That meant there was a leak somewhere between the meter and my house. Since there were no puddles in the yard, best guess is that the leak was under the concrete slab the house was built on.  I opened the phonebook and was able to get two repair quotes before dark(one extremely high and the other comparably quite low) and the advice to call the 811 number and have all utility lines marked so work could start ASAP.  I waited for a third quote by a plumber highly recommended by one of the girls in my church group.

Scott learned his trade working with his dad, and took over his dad's business when he retired.  He is licensed and insured and a pleasure to work with!

First, the outside work.  Start with some hand digging near the house to avoid the gas line.    

Then pull out the trencher to dig across the yard and down 18in (below the frost line) to bury the new water line.

new line running under gas line into house

Outside work complete. 

Next, inside he capped off and removed the old incoming pipes and filter from under the bench in the center of the house in my quilting room

and hooked into the lines near the front of the house and installed a more easily accessable filter in my sewing room closet.

I'll just get a small tension rod and make a curtain to hide this rather than installing a wall with access door in the side of my closet.

Mission accomplished!  and the meter is no longer spinning like a top!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


You know that old saying.... in like a lion out like a lamb
Well, we are having our lion...the dreaded four-letter word fell here in TN last night...SNOW!
You know the stuff... where all you have to do is hint at the "S" word and everyone in town runs to Walmart for TP, milk and bread! Even when we lived in VA, just mentioning the "S" word or seeing one flake could start a panic run.  Schools would be delayed or even closed the night before the first flake fell!  Coming from New York, I never understood it... still don't.  I know, we don't have massive amounts of removal/salting equipment here.  The school buses have all those hills and hollers to drive.  But we don't have massive amounts of snow here either.. and for the most part... the roads are usually melted clear before lunchtime.

We had maybe an inch last night... and it's sticking only on the grass!  The roads might be a little slick until it warms up in a couple hours... you just have to drive carefully.  Schools are closed here for Spring Break so no panic here, but all across middle TN they are closed due to inclement weather.  

I haven't gotten any quilting done this week.   Our church rummage sale is Friday so we have been busy taking donations, sorting and pricing.  The rainy weather yesterday gave us time to catch up with all the donations.  The snow today will probably mean a slow day too.  The nicer weather on Thursday and Friday should, hopefully, pack our tables full. (I'll get some pictures today tp [post later)

Construction on my daughter's home began Friday with digging and pouring the foundation.  Monday and Tuesday had the contractor laying the bricks.  Today, the college kids arrive and the plan is to lay the flooring.

I think this foundation is complete.  Flooring is next.

supplies for the flooring

 I will stop by later today to document the progress.

I was incorrect... the foundation needs about three more rows of blocks added.  Hopefully that will get done tomorrow.  The footers also have to be constructed.  The college kids are heading into Nashville tomorrow to see the sights (they are from PA, IA and IN) They will be back and ready to work hard on Friday!

I think this group is from IA
making saw horses to be used at various build sites
roof trusses for backyard shed

Not sure what these are for.  Someone suggested they might be shelving for the Habitat building