Monday, January 9, 2012

Cheddar Bow Tie Challenge Update

Bonnie has asked us to Link Up and show updates on our Bow Ties. For new visitors to my blog that don't know what I'm talking about... I'll start with links to earlier posts I have written about this...

Back in July 2011 Bonnie Hunter issued a Cheddar Challenge to all quilters. The initial challenge for me was finding Cheddar and I posted about it here:

Because of work, projects in progress, family distractions, etc. I didn't have time to begin making blocks until an opportunity presented itself in November resulting in these two posts:

Since returning from California I have enjoyed carrying my kit and working on blocks while waiting for appointments, between frames at bowling, at guild work-day meetings and have even done a few while watching TV in the evening. I have had to cut more fabric to refill the kit and have, thus far, completed 63 blocks. My progress is slow because I'm doing them by hand... and like Bonnie's Hexies, this may take me years to complete... but I'm having fun! ...And that is what quilting is all about!