Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

Pat Sloan is hosting a weekend long UFO sew along to ring in the new year...the idea is to finish up as many UFOs as possible this weekend. So I pulled out several projects and loaded up my quilter and planned to quilt all weekend hoping to finish up three wall hangings and maybe a quilt too.

But I was sidetracked for most of the day by a visit from my grandson. Instead of quilting all day we walked the dog, read books, watched Scooby-Doo movies and I pushed and pulled him along on his new bike so he could have a ride!

After his Mom picked him up I made a dinner of broccoli salad and home-made Maryland crabcakes! YUM!

After dinner I headed downstairs to quilt. By 9pm, I did get the center and one side of the Oklahoma Backroads wall hanging done but then my grandson comes walking in shouting... "Nana, I'm here!" Mom wanted to meet some friends for dinner so we were back on duty again. So instead of quilting and watching Dick Clark, I supervised a nice warm bubble bath, put on his favorite pair of pajamas and watched more Scooby-Doo!

Mom was home before midnight to watch the ball drop and toast in the new year, but it as too late for this little one.

And now it's too late for Nana too! I didn't finish any UFOs today, but there is always tomorrow!


The decorations were finally put on the tree December 23rd. Mom didn't want to stay up late so instead of the usual Midnight Mass, we decided to go to the 9am Mass with her on Christmas morning. That worked out really well as it gave me extra time to get all that "last minute" wrapping done.

Mom went home after mass to start cooking for dinner and the three of us went home to open presents. My "big" present this year was a Kindle Fire. I love it for reading books.... I started my fourth book this afternoon. Having trouble getting online and checking emails with it though. Wish they would give you an instruction booklet. I'll have to go online with the desktop and download one when I get a chance.

Matthew was thrilled with his new digital camera and is having fun taking pictures of everything!

Hubby's Garmin came in handy on the trip to grandma's house when a traffic accident had the beltway at a standstill six exits before our regular turn off. We were able to exit just before getting trapped in traffic and Garmin helped us find our way through Baltimore rather than around it.

D and her boyfriend brought our grandson over after lunch and opened their presents. It was a workout for all the adults trying to teach him to pedal his new bike... he preferred sitting on it and letting us push him around! He is really enjoying his Leggo blocks and cars of all shapes, colors and sizes.

Dinner at Moms was set for 6pm. K and her boyfriend arrived early and the next round of presents were opened.

We all worked together and enoyed a wonderful dinner of ham, roast beef and yorkshire pudding, an assorment of vegetables and three different pie, key lime pie and eclair cups! It was great having the entire family together!