Tuesday, May 2, 2017


 I was able to get away for several days to Paducha for some shopping and classes.

First stop.... Hancocks!  I needed some coordinating fabrics to construct this quilt block that I will be teaching at FCE retreat the end of May.   I don't know the official name or designer of this block, but was given a picture and asked to make a quilt. The design was based on the layout of the squares in Savannah GA by a quilt shop that used to be there.... So, I've named it Savannah Squares.   I was working on a sample block at the retreat two years ago and everyone suggested I teach it at a future retreat.  I will be able to teach this year and I've found these fabrics to make up kits for those who attend.... and I'll make up a quilt for myself with the extra fabric purchased.

My first of two classes was with Gail Garber.   Using a compass she taught us how to design our own star quilt.
These are some of the shape designs she incorporates into her quilts
A 6-pointed star she designed


She showed us how to use a compass to design a star.... and here is mine, colored in.   I need to cut it apart and paper piece it when I have some time.  I'll need to play with the compass some more and see what other designs I can come up with.

The second class I took was with Sue Patten.  A long-arm class named Plunk & Play.  I hadn't seen any of her work before, but it was a long-arm class and I was hoping to learn something new.  Boy, did I!

I probably would not have taken her class had I googled her in advance and learned more about her style.  Her quilting is more whole-cloth with a twist.   She tosses out templates, pounces with powder and the just sews... heavy quilting in spots, light quilting in others... very different then the  E2E quilting I'm accustomed to.   But, I gave it a try!   and it was fun!

I'm not sure if I'm interested in doing a complete quilt using this method, but I do have a quilt that I was going to applique kites in the border..... instead, I am going to give this a try.


During down-time between the show and classes at our cabin I brought along a project that I started in a Paducha class last year... Mardis Gras by Toby Lam Lischko.   I have made mine in Christmas colors rather than the purple/gold/green of Mardis Gras.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Nana! I can do it!

We have hit another milestone!   Last weekend our grandson decided he didn't want to ride with training wheels any more.  So I took them off and he spent hours tip-toe-ing up the driveway and trying to balance and get his feet on the pedals coming down.

Last night.... mission accomplished!

This morning he stopped mid-ride and had to pick some errant worms up off the driveway and put them in the garden and grass to help the flowers grow.


Then he serenaded me with his "I'm the worm-saver" song as he rode up an down the driveway.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our little weekend projects

 This little project took two months of weekends and some evenings when it wasn't raining.  Last year, we removed the first stump and I planted my rose garden (3 roses) and some vegetables.  Once this second stump is out and the soil prepared I plan to add three more roses to the original section and this new section will become my vegetable garden.
We start by digging down around the stump and roots

digging out and chopping off  the extended roots

our grandson even gets involved cutting some of the smallest bits of root away

most of the side roots are cut away and now its time to dig down under and cut away the center of the stump

but first, rain storms form a moat around the main stump, delaying work
Once things have dried out a bit we cut away at the main stump... removing it piece by piece

It's these little roots on the bottom that give us biggest problems.  We have to carefully dig away the dirt because the chain saw dulls very quickly when it hits dirt.  

a little video on removing the main root.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bird feeders

I try to keep the feeders on my deck full and enjoy watching the variety of feathered friends stop by to eat.


But this one guy isn't good about sharing.... and he keeps coming back if I'm not watching carefully to shoo him away... until he empties the feeders.



Saturday, March 18, 2017

math woes...

Math has never been one of my strenghts.

7x8 does not equal 54    

back to the fabric store.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Signs of Spring...

Spring Break means a special breakfast!

Smiley Pancakes!

And we enjoyed watching our backyard visitors work on setting up house...


They were verry busy ducking in and out all morning long!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Commission Quilt

This weekend's wet and cooler weather kept us inside, each to our own activity

Pokemon and cartoons were happening in the basement.

Hubby was playing games on his blackberry and watching sports on TV.
(no picture of interest here)

And I spent the day working commission bowtie quilt.

I really like these bright colors and look forward to finishing it!