Saturday, February 6, 2016

2015 Update and start of 2016

I had difficulities with both the camera and the computer in 2015 and I didn't post very much.  So, here is a brief summary before I try to begin posting activities for 2016

Family gathered for last goodbyes to my mother-in-law in January

We survived the ice storms of February..

We redid my sewing studio and under-stair storage area after heavy rains caused water damage in April ... and reorganized my scrap stash... although it needs a lot more work!


In the spring, I wanted to plant a rose garden near where the big trees were removed in 2014... unfortunately... there were way too many roots and we began the big dig in July...

I finished the Savannah Squares quilt for Sr. Doris in September... and the niece it was gifted to was thrilled!

I finished my grandson's Big Brother quilt in October
It turned out totally different than the orginal plan.  I had laid the blue/white pieced blocks out on the floor for grandson to see... and his only comment was... but Nana.. there's not enough red.. red is my FAVORITE color! there has to be more red!  So I added red bandana fabric sashings and cornerstones and borders and it grew to nearly king size!  It is draped over the queen size bed he sleeps in and he pulls down one corner and snuggles in.

In September I started work on Little Monkey for a new grand-niece born in July

Activities with our grandson included a week of cabin camping with a waterslide near our cabin, a visit to dinosaurland, exploring caverns in KY, visiting several local county fairs, and a trip to Disney, SeaWorld and Sanibel Island and a trip to Nashville to see the Christmas lights and eat at the Aquarium restaurant in December.
An online friend from Alaska stopped in for a visit  ... and I met other online friends at at a retreat in Virginia Beach...

Matthew and I won ribbons at the fair....

And I had a very successful booths at Rugby and Santa's Workshop...


Other activities throughout the year included working the church rummage sale, working with Cookeville Jr. Women's Club at Santa's Workshop,  various activities with TTU college students, making woven placemats  and christmas trees with Matthew and his friends at Hope Academy.


I'm sure there is a lot I've forgotten but these are the highlights.  I hope to be better at posting, maybe monthly in 2016.

I hope you had a good 2015 and are looking forward to 2016.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I finally finished my Globetrotting quilt designed by Pat Sloan.
I had 7 blocks to complete and I took it with me to Rugby to work on during slow times at the quilt show and during evening sew time at the hotel.

I completed the center while there, and just this morning I finished adding the borders.

So glad to have finally completed it.  Now it waits it's turn on the quilter this summer.

Check out Pat's blog at the link below to see other versions.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Projects Update

I am really enjoying working in my redone studio.
Firstly, what's not to like... it's PURPLE!  (well lavender, but close enough)
The added lighting makes it bright and easy to see what I'm doing.
Cutting board, pressing table and sewing machines are all in a nice proximity
 and my stash is beginning to be sorted and stored for maximum visibility!

My word of for the year is
and I believe I have accomplished quite a bit so far this year.

I've not had a lot of free time for sewing, as I've been keeping busy with the studio repair and quilting customer tops (25 so far).  I have another dozen waiting their turn.  I'm a bit behind due to the repair work but hope to be caught up in the next by month end.
Here is an update on what I have accomplished in my personal sewing this past month.

Back in November I agreed to help Sr. Doris by making a quilt for her from a pattern that she had used in the past... Savannah Squares.  Health issues prevent her from sewing any more, but she really wanted this quilt for herself.  In the past, she sewed all the time and has given away much of her work to those in need. It is now time for her to have a quilt of her own.

It's not a difficult block to make, but it has 8 squares in it with that sewn-in arc.... something I'm not accustomed to making.  
So, I dug into my scraps and made a sample block to show her.  
She loved it!  
But then she wasn't happy with her fabric choices.  
So I went shopping (both in my stash and at Hobby Lobby) and I think I've found something she will be happier with.

I'm in the process of making 3 more blocks.. 
One, like that pictured above, and two with the red and green blocks swapped.
I think it will be nice to alternate them and as soon as I get those arc blocks made (it's slow going!) I'll take the results to her for approval before proceeding.

Another project I have been working on is the Big Brother quilt.  
I think I finally have enough HST strips to surround my fifty-six!! 8in squares.  With his birthday fast approaching I must really get busy on this to get it done in time.

Here are the first 10 completed blocks laid out. I know for sure I am going to need more of that red bandana fabric and hope to find it this week.


I started a place mat project back in February with the students from 
Hope Academy.  
They have done their part.... 
weaving strips of fabric through the cardboard looms I made.

Tomorrow, I plan to work with my friend Janice, 
removing them from the looms, stitching and finishing the edges.  
We plan to teach this project together during the FCE retreat the end of May,
 so this will give us an opportunity to perfect our method
and reload the looms!

I have a new knitting project to work on too,
but that will wait for another post when I get some pictures taken.

Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 Ice Storm - birds

Normally, I can barely reach these branches from the porch deck and fill the bird feeders hanging on them.  But now, the recent ice storm has them bending down to the ground... some breaking from the weight.  

This has been the view from my quilting studio for the last several days.  The low branches have given me an opportunity to watch the birds and take some lovely pictures.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015 Ice Storms

The recent ice storms in TN have our area designated as a stage 2 disaster.  Pictures and videos of the damage are all over the internet.   Trees littering the roadways,  phone/electric poles snapped in half leaving tens of thousands without power, heat and water for days to come. My heart goes out to all those who have been affected by this storm.

My neighborhood has minimal damage in comparison to  areas around us... with many broken limbs and a few fallen trees and some inconvienient short-term power outages... I consider myself very lucky.  But even with damage that she has created, Mother Nature has put on a beautiful display.