Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sewing Vacation Part Three

I stopped at the dollar store to pick up a few items for dinner and these towels with matching potholders caught my eye.  These are a poplular craft item at our church Fall Festival so I stitched up a few.  I like adding new variety to my inventory.


This is my last day for sewing before packing up to head home.  I pulled out a kit of several Disappearing 40 Patch blocks and stitched together this wall hanging.

 I miss-cut one of the blocks and that made me short one of the black print blocks for the corner.  I don't think it sticks out too much.

I have a bunch of extra Cracker Barrel parts and 7 extra blocks. They are 12 inch blocks and I'm thinking 4 placemats and a table runner.  I also have extra fabric that I can make more blocks and maybe a small lap quilt.  I'll decide later how much more I want to work with this.

 My last project for this vacation are red/white basket blocks.  I didn't have time to sew them, but I now have 20 kits cut and ready to use as leader/enders when I get home.  I bought 12 Thangles kits at my LQS...but didn't purchase those Thangles papers.  Instead I used my easy angle ruler instead and I was able to make their 12 kits stretch to make 20 blocks!  

The beds are now stripped and dishes done.  Hubby is hooking his trailer and boat up to the car and it's time for me to sign off and load everything else into my van for the ride home.

It has been a fun and relaxing week.... and I am positive we will be back here next year.