Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Easy Street

Bonnie Hunter, scrappy quilt designer estraordinaire,  has announced the beginning of her next mystery quilt, Easy Street.  Check out her blog for more information. 


She has listed required amounts fabric in her color choices for this project; colors which I do not have....apple green...turquoise...purples.... gray.... white with black.
But, since this is my quilt, I am allowed to choose my own colors... she gives everyone "permission" to personalize the quilt to suit our own needs.

My scrap stash doesn't come close to matching the size of hers so I have decided to dig into my Civil War fabric collection for yardage ....green, blue, purple... pink instead of gray and cream with black instead of white with black.

While Bonnie was on QuiltCam last night I sent her an email with a picture of my fabrics to ask if they would be suitable and was pleasantly surprise to hear her say they would be perfect!

Wooo! Woo!  Thanks Bonne, you made my day!

Now I work on customer quilts and other projects (like last years mystery, Orca Bay) and wait until November 23 and the release of the first mystery clue.