Friday, June 24, 2016

2016 Karen's Chores

Demolishing the shed was not our only chore for the week.


Weeding the vegetable garden 

Collecting rocks from the vegetable garden

Then installing netting redistributing the rocks around the garden to hold the netting in place and hopefully keep critters from feasting on fresh grown vegetables.

Cleaning up the flower beds

And rebuilding falling rock walls and steps

And my favorite job (grin)  stripping wallpaper and painting!

And since none of us were comfortable dealing with electric connections, the light unit above the sink remained in place as did the wallpaper above it... we didn't want to be dripping water down onto electrical wires!

I couldn't reach around the clawfoot tub or shower, so that section didn't get done

But, Karen was inspired by all our work, and after we left she was able to finish this section in a couple days.