Monday, January 2, 2012

UFO Weekend ... Part Two

Today, once again, I was distracted by my grandson and didn't get a lot of sewing done. He was fascinated by the snow flurries that fell today and kept wanting to go out and play and leave footprints everywhere! I showed him how to scoop up some snow and squeeze it into a snowball to play catch with, but it was too cold for his bare hands and I didn't have any mittens or gloves for him.... Note to self... make kid-size mittens!

I finished the binding on Michael T's quilt last week and today I made the label and stitched it on the back. I'll go to the Post Office tomorrow and send it on it's way to California.

I completed the Shoofly block for my class sample and pieced the three blocks into a tablerunner. I can't decide on a pattern for a fourth block so I may just add a strip of muslin to each end to surround the blocks and call it done.

I can now declare this weekend a success with three completed UFOs and lots play time with the grandson.

UFO Weekend

Pat Sloan's UFO Challenge began at 8am EST Saturday morning and continues through Monday night...or is it Tuesday morning? You can read details about it here:

Participants make a list of projects they believe can be finished and work as fast and furiously as possible to get them done before the long weekend is over.

I had a delayed start because of a visit from my grandson, and I just had to make a crabcake dinner with fresh crabmeat bought on our trip to see family in Maryland.

I did manage to load Oklahoma Backroads on the quilter and get started quilting. I had to quit to watch the ball drop and toast in the new year and get a few hours sleep. I finally finished the quilting by 2pm Sunday.

I have several other tops that have been waiting patiently to be quilted. I did plan to work on them, but I remembered that sample blocks needed to be made for a class I'm teaching in May. I should have just shopped my stash, but the LQS 50% off sale called to me and a succumed. I found a lovely purple Civil War fabric (my favorite!) and a contrasting rust and after a late lunch and a couple hours work I had two sample blocks made and some kits cut. I still have the Shoofly block and one other as yet undecided block to make tomorrow.

I spent the evening adding the binding and handstitching it down to complete this UFO! It will make a nice present for Mom on little Christmas (the Epiphany).

Now off to catch a few hours sleep before beginning work on the remaing two sample blocks and hopefully complete another quilt before this long weekend is over.