Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hope Academy

A local Methodist church hosts Hope Academy on Wednesdays during the school year.  It is a safe and supervised environment for 20-somethings with disabilities to socialize, exercise and play games, and take outings around town.

As last year's school session ended everyone agreed that they would like to make a quilt block and I would make it into a quilt/wall hanging to display in the church hall.  We talked about colors and shapes and how it would go together.  Over the summer I came up with some simple shapes that they could fuse and then stitch down. 

We spent our first class tracing shapes onto the fusible

Our second class was spent pressing to colored fabric and cutting

In advance of our third class I prepared some simple heart shaped blocks for practice and gave each of the adults a quick lesson on the buttonhole or blanket stitch.  Adults and students paired up, but after some frustrating attempts most decided to switch to the easier running stitch.    The blocks came out great!

Top:  Trey & Carole
Row 2:  Suzie& Janey, Blake & Brenda
Row 3:  Matthew & Bob, Ashley & Julie

 Due to frustration levels, teachers decided to not have the students sew their individual shape blocks.  I'll be busy the next few months stitching them down and making the quilt.