Friday, September 21, 2012

Needle & Thread Update #2

I didn't have a lot of sit-down-and-stitch time at home this 2nd week of the challenge as my daughter and grandson were here most nights.  I did squeeze in some time several nights after they left and before my eyelids got too heavy to see through and finished 3 more tablerunners.

I attended the FCE Regional Meeting in Manchester, TN.  My Improv Quilt was entered in the cultural arts competition and although I didn't win a ribbon, I was told that it was in close competion for 3rd place with the embroidery stitched dresden plate that won. 

I brought along a jelly roll quilt that needed the binding stitched down and  finished about 2/3 of that while listening to reports and presentations and during waiting times between judged events.

That said, I squeezed in about 5-6 hours of handstitching time during week 2.

Week three is almost done (today is Friday already!) and I haven't sewed a stitch.    I have been rushing to meet a variety deadlines this week, both work and personal.  It hasn't helped that I broke my glasses on Sunday and have had to resort to using an old pair to get by until the new ones arrive... in 10 days!  aaack!  This, unfortunately, has resulted in some nasty headaches and blurred vision making hand-work impossible.

 I promise to do much more sewing in the next week to make up for it.


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unfortunately I will not be doing any sewing (hand or machine) again this week... I am travelling and I kitted up my bowtie blocks into 2 small plastic containers and slipped them into my suitcase.   when i arrived, I discovered that somehow only one of the containers ended up packed!  I have the color squares for the bowties and thread...but none of the cheddar or needles!!!! is going to be a long sew-free week
  : < {