Saturday, October 26, 2013

Some fabric choices

My new kindle arrived this week!   This one has a camera feature, but there is no viewfinder.  It was a bit of a challenge for me... there must be some techniqe to taking pictures with it, but I found it very difficult to use.  If I was into taking "selfies" it would be perfect... not so good at taking pictures of something else.  There were multiple failed attempts before I finally came close to centering the picture.   I can't wait for my camera to return from the repair shop!

I had some free time today while waiting for my grandson to arrive so I sorted through and organized my Goodwill shirts by color. 

I've got a bunch of neutrals deboned and ready to cut to size. I didn't bother to try struggling to take pictures of them!

I picked up my  paint chips the other day so now it was easy to go through the boxes and pick what I needed to match.  Some of the colors are too dark or too light, but it's the best I could do for now.  Hopefully these will work.

Tomorrow is $.99 day at Goodwill so I'll be stopping by again in hopes of finding more and better matches.  

My spare time for the rest of the month will be spent deboning these colors, and maybe some extra neutrals too.... Bonnie says you can never have too many neutrals.