Thursday, June 23, 2016

2016 Karen's Shed...

Work progressed throughout the week.

quite a few nails had to be pulled before the metal roof could be removed. 

 By mid-week the back half was demolished.
Back and side walls of the back half of the shed along with it's metal roof are now in the scrap piles.

After the side wall boards were removed, the rail supporting the roof on the front of the shed was removed and a gentle push had the roof collapsing to the ground!

A gazillion nails had to be pulled to remove the shingles 

Once the shingles were removed the beams were quickly cleared. 

Another push and the other half collapsed 

More nails and shingles to be removed

 The last floorboards were removed

Piece by piece the shed was demolished and the scrap piles grew 
 The foundation rocks were added to the flower garden rock walls

and the last piece of framework was knocked down. 


A tired but happy work crew!