Saturday, February 7, 2015

Grand Illusions Update and Link-up

I am a bit behind on this project but am enjoying seeing all the different completed versions that have been posted.  I've been interrupted by the holidays and family obligations, a death in the family and some water damage to my sewing room ... no fabric was damaged, and I am in the process of building/designing a new studio... so all will be good when it's finally done.

I have really enjoyed working on this when I can... My word of the year  for 2014 ... and 2015 too....  is accomplish.... so this all fits in together as I will accomplish what I can what I can, when I can, not stress over it and have fun.     There was no way I could keep up with the clues as they came in, but I am having fun.  I have decided to slow down and am using my treadle to stitch this together and have found my piecing is more accurate this way. 

Clue 1 is done:

 Clue 2 is now done:

Clue 3 is done:

My studio is in the repair process so further progress will be on hold for another week or two.

I have been helping Miss Bettie with cutting and sewing her GIMG.  I cut some clue 4 blocks for her today so she has something to work on during the next week.  I'll try to get my clue 4 cut up and started this week too.