Monday, November 26, 2012

Mystery Time!

Right around Halloween, Bonnie issued the fabric requirements for this year's mystery, Easy Street.

 I didn't have enough in my scrap or yardage stash but I do have enough of these Civil War fabrics and decided to use them instead... no buying of fabric needed! So the wait began... and I have kept busy with customer quilts and working on other UFOs... like Orca Bay (last year's mystery that I'm making as a Leader/Ender!)  The clues for the mystery began on Black Friday!.... the idea being it is better to be inside sewing than out there in the crowds!

But life always gets in the way... last year it was my Uncle Tom.  This year... the passing of my husband's Uncle Hen had us driving north on Tuesday for his funeral.  This 91 year old single man has been helping or caring for family and friends since... forever!  I missed the Mason's honor ceremony at the viewing the night before, but he also had a military honor ceremony at the grave site and the church set out a lovely lunchoen for us. He will be dearly missed! For dinner we stopped at a local restaurant to crack open and eat some Maryland Crab in his honor!

Since we were already there, and there wasn't enough time to rush home and prepare our turkey, we stayed for Thanksgiving dinner hosted by hubby's brother, Walt!.  It has been a number of years since most of the family was together and it was good seeing everyone.

I missed the early morning start on Clue 1 on Friday, but with a giant mall across the street from our hotel... and me not sleeping and being up at the crack of dawn... I wandered over and participated in the madness buying 4 tops for me and 6 pants for hard to find sized hubby!

We made it home safely over the weekend and I made a dinner for #1 daughter, boyfriend and grandson on Sunday.  I have last week's customer work to catch up on so I  decided to burn the candle at both ends and got up early this morning to work a couple hours on Easy Street before getting back to customer work.

I cut 18 strips of the constant (pink) and 6 strips each of the background fabrics

I sewed 1 strip of pink to 1 of each background fabric then sub-cut into 2" twosies

Using my Orca Bay as a Leader/Ender I'm sewing the twosies together to make four-patches

29 four-patches done!  163 to go!