Friday, May 6, 2011

Kimmie's Wedding Quilt ... Part 3

The next step in this project was to make 60 string blocks. I went to Dollar Tree and purchased a 60 page sketch pad and gave it to my husband who took it to work and used one of those big paper cutters to cut all 60 pages down to 8.5inch squares. Perfect!

But making these blocks was looking to be more challenging than I thought. Not making the blocks, but finding the fabric. You see, I wanted this to be the "scrappy" part of the quilt and use men's shirts. Well after several weeks of visiting our local Goodwill I had only 3 suitable shirts... and I needed 15-20 to have a variety of fabrics! It seems the men's shirts donated in this area are all polyester, polos, plaid flannel or denim! Here it was the end of February and I was running out of time.

In steps my sister-in-law... she lives near Baltimore... lots of goverment and professional jobs! She scored and shipped me 15 shirts! THANK YOU Dorene!

I spent 5 hours deconstructing shirts. I cut off the sleeves and set the remaining body of the shirt aside for later. I then cut the seams and cuffs off of each sleeve. Then each sleeve was cut into 1.5inch strips. Now I have a washbasket full of strips to work with.

I spent there remaining days of February and all of March ... a total of 30 hours... sewing strings to paper, removing paper and trimming the blocks to 8 inches.

Then each block had to be cut in half diagonally and four of those halves sewn back together to make 20 eleven inch blocks and 18 half blocks.