Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Michael T's Quilt

Way back in February 2011, while I was in the middle of making RRCB for Kim's wedding gift, I "met" my cousin/Godson on facebook. During our conversations he mentioned that he would love to have a quilt made by me and told me his color preference. I found and downloaded a pattern off the web and the next time I was in the LQS I found these fabrics and set them aside thinking if the stars aligned just so I might be able to complete it for his birthday in June.

Well, the stars were not in my favor... too much going on with immediate famiy. I didn't even finish Kim's quilt until months after the wedding. I did pull out the fabrics to cut and sew whenever I had a spare minute. Here is a pictorial diary of how I put his quilt together.

sewing the light and dark strips into blocks

layer, mark, pin, sew and cut the blocks

press open blocks and stitch them together.

I finished the quilting and bind last week and added the label during Pat's UFO weekend challenge.

Now I'm off to the Post Office.