Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mid way through October...

August ended,  September has flown by, and we are almost done with October too!   Where does the time go!  A lot has been happening!

School started the last week of July and I made a mad-dash to pick up some new shoes and clothes for my grandson...  Since he has been unsuccessful in mastering shoe tying I found these elastic laces that work quite nicely.

I participated in the St. Thomas Aquinas Church Fall Festival.  Lots of games and activities for the kids, international foods to eat, baked goods for sale  and several craft tables... one of which was mine!  I sold quite a few quilts and am now working as fast as I can to replace them and get ready for Santa's Workshop next month!

There was the High School Rodeo where special needs kids and their families are invited to give roping, bull riding and horseback riding a try in-between competitions. Its good to see the interractions between "typicals" and "specials".
Matthew loves all the "cow girls" and my grandson really enjoyed the roping this year.  

Hubby had to make a trip to the Kentucky plant one weekend so we accompanied him and made a fun excursion to nearby Dinosaur Land.  Last year we learned how to identify meat eaters vs plant eaters... this year, we focused where in the world the bones were found... identifying countries and continents!

We also had fun mining for gemstones this year and we now have a rock collection!

My grandson  asked me to help him with cub scouts when a new Pack formed at his school.  I think I may have jumped all in and become the Wolf Den Leader (unless the dad who showed up at the first meeting and has been absent the last 3 weeks suddenly shows up again).  There are only two second graders that have been attending.... I did this for my son 20+years ago and had a den of 15 boys... so this will be a piece of cake!

I'm off to our pack meeting tonight and doing a presentation on the flag and a flag ceremony!