Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 Canada... Monday

Monday morning and it is 71deg and a beautiful sunny day. 
I know I sounded bitchy last post.  I'm sorry,  but I wasn't expecting totally rustic living for the week.  I'm doing better this morning...except for the cracked glass coffee pot....we'll get another from James later.  Meanwhile I can boil water in a pot for instant coffee and cook eggs and toast for breakfast.

After breakfast, Stan goes down to talk with James when he arrives about the water situation and wi-fi.  It turns out that we are the first to stay here this season and all the circuit breakers were not turned on. Got that fixed and everything works.  YAY!

With the wi-fi now working Kelly does some research and finds a salvage yard for a used rim and a repair shop in Kingston (40min drive)  Also.. I didnt tell stan... and he didnt notice until the border... that the check engine light came on when the car hesitated and started roughly for me Sunday morning.  There was nothing we could do about it anyway, so I kept quiet.   It's happened to me before and it had something to do with the computer and pollution control sensors.  So, hopefully, it will be nothing again.

Stan and matthew will stay and get the boat and fishing gear ready and start fishing while we are gone.  Kelly and I head to Kingston for car repairs and groceries for the week.  The auto salvage yard had a rim for $35can. Then in town, we found a Firestone and bought a new tire to put on the good used rim, added air to the broken rim tire and bagged it to keep for spare. Checked, pumped and mounted the donut spare back under the van. They said the check engine light indicated a misfire and trouble in the fuel line. They think that was because the van was lopsided for the flat and a bit of air may have gotten in and messed things up. 4hrs $225can

While waiting for the van to be repaired, we got lunch next door at Harvey's. Tried poutine...meh.

I love french fries *drizzled* with brown gravy... this was drowned.. and I didnt think those curds did anything for taste. After eating, we walked up then down the road for an hour to kill time and got some steps in, it was nice just spending time and chatting with Kelly... I miss that.

The van is "fixed" and its now 430 and we head to Walmart for groceries. Didn't get even one block and the check engine light goes back on. GGRRRRRR! Around the block and back in. Now the computer says the AFR.. air-fuel ratio is running lean. He says.. its not a problem I can make it home and it wont cause any damage. No need to mess with it. Huh??? OK.. I guess HE doesn't want to mess with it at the end of the day.

We bought groceries for the week and get back to the lodge with no problems. I Googled AFR and it said that the carbeurator needed tweeking to enrich the ratio. low AFR might cause the engine to run hotter.

I talked with Stan about it and he said it would be good to give the van a test run and go visit my online quilting friend in Ottowa, Quebec.  I first met her in person at a retreat in Virginia Beach last year and really enjoyed her company.   Hopefully there will be no problems driving. I will have the the GPS which worked yesterday when it was sunny... but if its overcast it doesn't work... so we'll see what the skies look like in the morning. Iv'e got the written directions so i should be ok. l'll take Stan's iphone ... which does work in Canada... I don't know why... in case I have a problem.  Not sure who I will call, but I'll figure that out if I need to.

The guys had a great day of fishing while we were gone and matthew caught two 17in+ bass and they both caught several other smaller fish. kelly went out with them for an hour or so until it got dark and caught 1 small they are all happy.