Monday, August 29, 2016

garden pests

Last week hubby came in from the garden all upset.   Something had eaten the tops off the tomatoe plants!  

The garden has done poorly this year and we have barely harvested enough beans or zuchinnie to eat.  Now some critter was destroying the tomatoe plants.

Today we discovered the culprit!  I've never seen anything like it.  Just last night the tomatoe plants in my garden were perfect.  This morning, the leaves and tops on 2/3rds of the plants were eaten away leaving just bare stem stalks!  Many of the green tomatoes had big holes in them.

We looked carefully and discovered 6 of these guys!

These worms had to be at least 2inches long!   GROSS!!!

Hubby grabbed them off with a plyers and squished them.   Don't know where they came from and sure hope we never see them again!  Hopefully the remaining tomatoes will survive and ripen!