Friday, September 30, 2011

September Donations, Finishes, WIPs

DONATIONS:Victoria from Bumble Beans issued a challenge to meet the goal of 750 quilts for Basics Housing in Bronx, NY.... see Bumble Beans blog at
and click on the link there for more information on Basics.

Here are two quilts that are on their way to the Bronx to find a new home. Hopefully they will bring some comfort to their new owners.

I've also made two quilt blocks this month. A girl that works at our local library asked all local groups and donors/supporters of the library to donate a quilt block which she will then make into a quilt for a display at some future date. The second block is for a quilt for Meghan who had been badly injured in a car accident.

I made this brightly colored table runner just because I loved the color combination in the side fabric. I found some coordinatng fat quarters to make the pieced blocks. I do have some remaining scraps and hope to get a coordinating place mat or two made to go with it.

I also quilted this "Only Christmas Spoken Here" wall hanging which has already moved on to it's new home.

I participated in a 9-patch swap some time ago and had these extra orphan blocks remaining. So I put them together into this 42 inch wall hanging/table topper and moved it over to my pile awaiting it's turn to be quilted.

I also finished the applique on this basket sampler wall hanging started in a class by Pat Sloan back in July. I hung it up, unquilted, just to have a more fall-like wall hanging (my husband was tired of looking at the christmas cardinals I had finished last winter) Now that I have seen it up, I think I may have to add another border so that it fits between my hang-ups better. But for now I'm officially calling it moved to my waiting to be quilted pile!

Back in the 70's when I was still in high school, my Uncle Tom and Aunt Polly discovered they were pregnant. She was busy/exhausted raising 2 year old Rachael and she asked me to fly to California and be a mother's helper during my summer break. I agreed and took on several odd-jobs babysitting, housecleaning, window washing and delivering newspapers saving every penny to pay the airfare. Michael T was born on June 11th and as soon as school let out at the end of June I took my first plane ride cross country! I ran after and entertained Rachael while my aunt took care of the new baby... I'm sure I had a turn or two at changing diapers and feeding him bottles too! While I was there I was honored to stand up at his Christening as his Godmother!

Being on opposite sides of the continent I didn't get a chance see him growing up into the man he has become. But, I recently connected with him on Facebook. In our online conversations he mentioned that he would like to have a quilt, so I started making Strip Twist pattern for him. So far I have the 40 "light" blocks made and am working on sewing the strips for the 40 "dark" blocks.

I know, the picture doesn't show much... but that's on purpose... I want the final results to be a surprise for him!

Oh... and just so you don't think I'm a slacker.... I've had booths at 3 different shows and quilted 13 customer quilts this month! Check out my facebook page to see

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sew Along with Pat Sloan

On September 18the Pat Sloan posted on her blog about a Sew-Along using a pattern from her new book "What a Novel Idea" to create a quilt by October 15th.

I didn't have any layer cakes to use so I searched through my stash and found these coordinating fabrics and so far I have cut them into the 10in squares to begin putting this quilt together.

I have about two weeks left to get this top made! Need to schedule some "sewing for me" time and let some customer work slide for a day!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Upper Cumberland Quilt Show - Algood

I spent the weekend in Algood at the quilt show drooling over these awesome works of art.

I just love these older traditional quilt patterns.

I hope to some day complete my Dear Jane quilt... I have only three of the over 200 blocks in this quilt completed so far! I better live a very long life! LOL!

These two are versions of The Underground Railroad pattern by Elinor Burns. On the left is a brightly colored version by Judy Helnick and on the left is mine made with civil war reproduction fabrics. I can't decide which one I like better!

And here are a few more from the show

I found this one made by Lynn Dycus and quilted by me.

And this one was pieced and hand quilted by the ladies from the senior center to raffle off. Unfortunately I was not the lucky winner!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sew Sweet Quilt Guild, Jamestown, TN

I was invited to be a vendor at the quilt show in Jamestown, TN sponsored by the Sew Sweet Quilt Guild. Here I am with the Best of Show applique'd by Justine Upchurch and quilted by this lady, Becky Stowers.

Here is a fellow vendor, Margret Young with some of the bags she makes, including these awesome thread catchers and microwave hot bowl holders.

Becky and friend found they also make great beanies! Hanging to left of her friend's shouder is Becky's postage stamp quilt. I didn't get a good picture of Becky's, but this folded quilt was one I judged at the Cumberland County fair a few weeks ago and was the inspiration for Becky's.

Summer Daisies by Faye Daily, quilted by Cathy at Spring Creek
Irises Around My Cabin by Patsy Littrell quilted by Becky Stowers

Sugar Plum Christmas
Crazy Piecing by Justine Upchurch

I admire the feathers on this 1930s reproduction fabric quilt!
I was pleasantly surprised to find this one, Teacups and saucers by Susan Copley and quilted by me! Hillsdale Quilts!

There were plenty more to see, but I didn't take pictures of them all.
Maybe next time!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Farmers Market Revisited

It's another early Saturday morning and once again I'm heading to the local farmers market. This time I am better prepared. I brought a little basket (yes it's a sock monkey!) for CJ to put his treasure in. I also made him an egg and cheese bisquit to eat as he walked along... no biting into any fresh fruit this time :<} He has become quite the talker and I had to name each item he pointed to and he would repeat it back to me. Today, we were looking for more peaches to dehydrate, but he was fascinated with these little yellow of course, they came home with us.
And we had a nice veggie omlette for lunch!

Along with the normal yelllow peaches, I found some white peaches, my husband's favorite. So they, too, came home with me to be dried to snack on all winter long.