Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kimmie's Wedding Quilt ...Part 2

It took several trips to different quilt shops to gather all the coordinating fabric and finally on Feb 1, I was ready to begin cutting and sewing. I started with making the 172 "threesies". Cutting strips of blue and purple, sewing them together, then cutting them again. This took about 4 hours total. Not consecutive hours, mind you... there are so many distractions around here what with family, church and community activities and work... more on that in another post. So I'm working on this "in-between" with hopes of getting it done close to on time!

The next step is to make 120 sets of light/dark squares aka "twosies". This involved cutting strips of light and dark fabric, sewing the strips together, then cutting. This, again, was easy and took only 2 hours.

Next came the half square triangles.... 60 of them! I cut squares of brown and purple, then cut them diagonall to make triangles.  Next, I sewed a brown and purple triangle together and pressed open. This step took a total of 6 hours

So far that's 12 hours of work on only 3 steps! 5 more steps to go!