Saturday, February 6, 2016

2015 Update and start of 2016

I had difficulities with both the camera and the computer in 2015 and I didn't post very much.  So, here is a brief summary before I try to begin posting activities for 2016

Family gathered for last goodbyes to my mother-in-law in January

We survived the ice storms of February..

We redid my sewing studio and under-stair storage area after heavy rains caused water damage in April ... and reorganized my scrap stash... although it needs a lot more work!


In the spring, I wanted to plant a rose garden near where the big trees were removed in 2014... unfortunately... there were way too many roots and we began the big dig in July...

I finished the Savannah Squares quilt for Sr. Doris in September... and the niece it was gifted to was thrilled!

I finished my grandson's Big Brother quilt in October
It turned out totally different than the orginal plan.  I had laid the blue/white pieced blocks out on the floor for grandson to see... and his only comment was... but Nana.. there's not enough red.. red is my FAVORITE color! there has to be more red!  So I added red bandana fabric sashings and cornerstones and borders and it grew to nearly king size!  It is draped over the queen size bed he sleeps in and he pulls down one corner and snuggles in.

In September I started work on Little Monkey for a new grand-niece born in July

Activities with our grandson included a week of cabin camping with a waterslide near our cabin, a visit to dinosaurland, exploring caverns in KY, visiting several local county fairs, and a trip to Disney, SeaWorld and Sanibel Island and a trip to Nashville to see the Christmas lights and eat at the Aquarium restaurant in December.
An online friend from Alaska stopped in for a visit  ... and I met other online friends at at a retreat in Virginia Beach...

Matthew and I won ribbons at the fair....

And I had a very successful booths at Rugby and Santa's Workshop...


Other activities throughout the year included working the church rummage sale, working with Cookeville Jr. Women's Club at Santa's Workshop,  various activities with TTU college students, making woven placemats  and christmas trees with Matthew and his friends at Hope Academy.


I'm sure there is a lot I've forgotten but these are the highlights.  I hope to be better at posting, maybe monthly in 2016.

I hope you had a good 2015 and are looking forward to 2016.