Sunday, January 4, 2015

Grand Illuisions update

 I have not made much progress on this mystery... what with a new grandbaby.. who ended up back in the hospital at 3 weeks old with RSV.. but doing better now.  

Then there were all the preparations for Christmas... gifts to purchase and wrap, meals to plan and cook, out of town family to take care of.  

Then the long drive to Maryland to visit the in-laws.  We arrived home with 35 seconds to spare before the ball dropped on the New Year.

So it wasn't until Friday Jan 2 that I was able to put any time into sewing.  Even though I wasn't through with clue 2 double diamonds, I decided to move on to Clue 3 floors and chair backs.

I quickly cut all the strips with my Studio Cutter and began sewing them together.  My easy sewing guide worked perfectly and the strips sets measured perfectly.  But....

After layering and cutting the strip sets to size, the trouble began. 


I played with my seam guide for 2 hours; sewing then frogging; sewing then frogging before locating the correct "scant" 1/4 seam that made these floor and chair back blocks measure correctly.

Once the seam guide was set the sewing began.   I still have a lot more to do, but here is what I have accomplished on this mystery so far:

Clue 1 Broken Dishes and extra HSTs

Clue 2 Double Diamonds and Clue 3 Floors & Chair backs
Now the mystery has been revealed and I am determined to keep making progress on this and not have another UFO to add to my list.