Friday, August 2, 2013


We recently discovered that the pine tree closest to the house had branches that were splitting up the middle and we were risking a chance that they would fall on the house with the next storm.  Also, those 4 maple tree trunks at the back of the property have grown so big that they fill up the drainage ditch that runs across the back of the property causing the yard to flood every time it rains!... and it has been a very wet Spring/Summer season.  

When the weather finally dried up enough we had a contractor come in and remove the two pines and those 4 maples.  I spent the day taking pictures and watching in awe as the guy in the bucket went up and down and  up an down, removing branches. 

 He would drop the branches to the ground and the guys below would feed them into the grinder.

 When he had free access the to trunks, the big crane was brought in. 

 He then tied cables high up on the trunk... and a second cable a few feet lower.  He hooked up to the crane and sliced off the top of the tree.

 It was a bit scary seeing the tree top swinging over the roof top.  But they gently lowered it to the ground and fed it through the grinder.

Now the job is done and the backyard is much brighter.  We can even wave hello to our neighbors now.

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  1. Good thing you got all that done before a storm sent a tree into your house. Or water into your house, which is also a big huge mess.