Monday, September 10, 2012

Needle & Thread Challenge ... update 1

In honor of National Sewing Month Bonnie Hunter challenged us to work on our hand stitching for one hour each day to see what we could accomplish this month.

The first  hand sewing project I was able to work on this week was to stitch down the ends of the table runners I was making.  I completed 4 of the 8 I need to do.

The second hand sewing project was to blanket stitch the applique on these basket blocks.  I completed 3 and started on the fourth.

I was able to find only 5 hours this week to sit with needle and thread and sew... but I am happy with what I accomplished so far.

Here is a picture of my well-used chair... next to it is my hand-quilting-in-progress (Rosewood Cottage) quilt and hoop.  I didn't get to work on this project as I can't find my hand quilting thread!  It will have to wait until next week when I'll have time to get to town and find some.

Here are just a couple pictures of some of the quilting I have done on it in the past.  Mostly outline stitching and cross hatching.  I got braver as I went along and on the pinwheel block I did a heart shaped kind of thing.

That's it for last week... I'll report back next week on this week's tasks.