Saturday, January 19, 2013

The New Saturday Routine

My daughter is back to working on Saturdays again (sigh) but that means that we have the grandson for the day.  Two weeks ago he arrived around 7:30am and I offered him pancakes. 

"No I don't like pancakes... I want cereal"

So I gave him a small bowl of cheerios and milk and went about making pancakes because I had promised them to my son.  I made a big platefull, with extras to be warmed and eaten during the week.  Then I conned my grandson into tasting one.

"I LOVE pancakes!"

I don't think he knew what they were when I first offered... and just like his mother, his first reaction to something new is NO!  Mom doesn't have time in the morning to cook "fancy" breakfasts and get him ready for daycare and her for work.  Now he is all excited and I promised him pancakes every Saturday morning he came to visit.

I decided to plan ahead and mix up the incredients Friday night before going to bed..... big mistake!  The recipie called for 2TBS of sugar and  1/2 tsp salt.  Unfortunately I misread the directions.  As I was dumping the second tablespoon of salt into the mix I was thinking... that was an awful lot of salt!  I looked back at the recipie and realized I had mixed up the sugar and salt amounts!  AAACCCKKK! 

So I had my engineer husband do the math and adjust the recipe and then sent him out to Walmart for more flour.  I now have enough pancake mix for 12 batches!

jumbo ziplock bag full of pancake mix!

So the little one arrived Saturday morning, all excited to eat pancakes, and I was ready.  He ate 18! 

So my Saturday mornings will now include pancakes and Mickey Mouse.... what more could you ask for!