Monday, May 9, 2011

Kimmie's Wedding Quilt... Part 4

Step 4 of this project is to make 600 half square triangles. Yes, I did say 600! To make this go a bit quicker I found a webpage to help...and it's FREE!

You print these sheets in the appropriate size (they have a variety of sizes available), pin the pages to strips of dark and light fabric that are facing each other, and sew on the dotted lines. You then cut on the solid lines, remove the paper and press open. Still a time consuming propostion (16 hours), but much faster than making them individually.

Now the 600 HSTs have to be sewn into strips of 5. This went fairly quickly (6 hours) by first setting aside 120 HSTs and chain piecing the remainder into sets of two, then adding the single to make 120 sets of three which are then sewn to the remaining 120 sets of 2 to end up with 120 sets of 5!

The local quilt shop owner will be retiring soon and is having an inventory reduction sale! Lucky for me I realized this before she closed the doors. I went on an afternoon shopping expedition and came back with this for the backing! I just love it! All the right colors.

The next step is to make some of these pieces into blocks...but I'll save that for another day.