Monday, March 18, 2013

Rummage Sale

Minimal sewing was accomplished last week. 

Instead, I was busy with our annual church rummage sale. Monday through Friday, we accept donations.  Several parishioners and members of the Daughters of Isabella worked together sorting, folding, arranging, and pricing all week long.  The doors close at noon on Friday.

Then the fun begins at 4pm when we open the doors to crowds waiting to get in and find a good deal!

There were plenty of deals to be had...

computer monitors, keyboards, printers 
golf clubs, balls, catchers mitt and protective gear
Christmas ornaments and decorations of all kinds
Kitchen gadgets, glassware, dishes, pots & pans
and lots and lots of clothing!  Tables full!

This year, we even had a mink coat!

This was another very successful event, raising some $2700 to fund various charitable activities of the parish.

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  1. Great that it was successful! I know sorting and organizing and tagging everything is a huge job.