Friday, March 22, 2013

New Legs

When I bought my new Nolting Funquilter back in 2010, in order cut expenses, I  purchased a perfectly good used table to mount it on. 

These old legs were leveled and height adjusted using that bolt and sliding up and down the slot.  There are no grooves to lock into to match all 4 legs to the same height.  Yes, we did  measure and draw our own lines to help.  The nut/bolt has to be loosened, slid up or down, and then tightened with no weight.  The problem is when the weight is put back on the leg even when tightened, can slip down a bit, especially over time...and not necessarily evenly slipping on all four legs!  Recognizing this, Nolting has made a few design changes and since Mike and/or his son Steve were going to be in the area (as in TN not GA or OH) this weekend they ordered the new style leveling legs for me.

The package arrived and Steve made the 2 hour drive from Marysville to do the install for me.

The problem.... the wrong legs were ordered/sent.  I need to have wheels on my legs so that I can move the frame to and from the wall depending on which side of the machine I am working on.  Unfortunately, my working space isn't big enough to center the machine in the room to be able walk around it, which is the more common set-up. 

So after some discussion and thought I made a mad dash to Lowes before they closed and purchased "moving men".  Those slider things that you put under furniture to make it easier to move heavy items around the room. 

So my new legs are now installed.  The machine is much more level (no rolling front to back or left to right when I let go!  I am much happier!  

The legs adjust height by just turning the legs left or right on those screw-grooved pegs.   I may still have to order the wheeled legs to give me just a bit more height, but I'll decide after working on her a bit. If I am working "half-cocked" or slightly bent forward it puts strain on my lower back and, well, ouch!   I'll be loading a practice quilt today and giving the new legs a try.  

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  1. I hope those new legs work out for you.